Noble’s Best Travel Tips: Best Hotel and Resorts From Alabama To Missouri

Wherever you travel, it’s always optimal to seek out the best of everything.  After all, who likes to settle for less?  For this post, we’ve compiled a list of our best travel tips of the best hotels and resorts from each state.  Let us know if you have any to add to our list!  And be sure to call Noble Transportation for your ride wherever you choose to stay….we can assist you in every state!

  1. Alabama: The Grand Hotel Marriott Resort Golf Club & Spa, in Point Clear, offers southern charm as well as two golf courses, direct beach access and a kid’s swimming pool.
  2. Alaska: In Girdwood, the Alyeska Resort, you will be able to see almost everything from the aerial tram that takes you above sea level at a soaring 2,300 feet.
  3. Arizona: The Tanque Verde Dude Ranch sits on sixty-thousand acres in Tucson Arizona and gives you breathtaking views of both desert and mountains.
  4. Arkansas: The 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville features white halls laden with a remarkable collection of 21st-century art. It is truly an art lover’s dream.
  5. California: Experience a glamorous pool scene at the L’Horizon Resort & Spa in Palm Springs. The little touches are a big plus.
  6. Colorado: 500 acres rimmed with rock is home to the Gateway Canyons Resort in the Unaweep Canyon on the border of Utah where you can shoot skeet as well as go horseback riding.
  7. Connecticut: In addition to eighteen cottages that are kid-friendly and custom designed, Winvian Farm in Morris also features exquisite cuisine by a renowned chef and a wine cellar for the grownups.
  8. Delaware: Hotel du Pont in Wilmington gives you a dose of old glamour, as you will be relaxing in a twelve-story Italian Renaissance building from circa 1913.
  9. Florida: Boca Grande is home to the Gasparilla Inn & Club featuring every amenity you could possibly imagine, all for your good pleasure.
  10. Georgia: With sixteen accommodations, The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island sits on 11,000 acres of nature reserve. You’ll love the atmosphere.
  11. Hawaii: There are lots of things to put on the agenda at Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, but boredom will not be one of them.
  12. Idaho: McCall is home to Shore Lodge, with seven suites on Lake Payette for the perfect waterfront stay.
  13. Illinois: Virgin Hotels in Chicago was rated the number one hotel according to the Reader’s Choice Awards. One stay and you’ll know why.
  14. Indiana: The JW Marriott sits close to the White River State Park in Indianapolis and is a perfect place to stay as a first time city guest.
  15. Iowa: Hotel Blackhawk, recently renovated, is nestled in downtown Davenport and strikes a great balance between modern and charming.
  16. Kansas: Especially for business travelers is the Ambassador Hotel in Wichita, where you will feel like royalty.
  17. Kentucky: The Brown Hotel in Louisville features coffered ceilings that are intricately painted and gives you a true vintage feel. Enjoy the Bluegrass State in style.
  18. Lousianna: In New Orleans, you will find the Hotel Maison de Ville, once home to playwright Tennessee Williams.
  19. Maine: You will find Hidden Pond on  60 acres just outside of Kennebunkport, where you will experience the summer camp feel.
  20. Maryland: The Inn at Perry Cabin in Belmond is nautically themed, inspired by the U.S.S. Niagara.
  21. Massachusetts: Turn of the century on the outside, and modernist on the inside, the XV Beacons can be found in Boston.
  22. Michigan: The Mission Point Resort is located on Lake Huron, situated on Mackinac Island and allows you to do as much, or little, as you’d like.
  23. Minnesota: On the shoreline of Gull Lake in Brainerd, you will find Madden’s with golf courses, water activities and gardens.
  24. Mississippi: Las Vegas comes to Mississippi at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi.
  25. Missouri: Big Cedar Lodge overlooks Table Rock Lake in Ridgedale and feels like a wilderness retreat, but with amenities that are quite modern.

Twelve Tips to Profit Off of Oversold Flights

orlando limoIt’s no secret that airlines make it a habit to overbook their flights—sometimes with disastrous results. Of course, this is done in order for airlines to retain their profit when passengers have last minute cancellations; overbooking benefits both airline and passengers at the end of the day. Still, there is a way to personally benefit from airline overbooking if a person is willing to invest a bit of time and effort. Recently, there has been a steep rise in travel gurus actually making money off of traveling by volunteering to be booted off of overbooked flights. How does one do this? Largely through careful planning and the willingness to step up quickly.

Feel like trying this out your next trip? Well, we at Noble Transportation have a few tips to help bring you closer to flipping your flight for profit. 

  1. Plan Ahead

When making last minute plans such as another night’s stay in a strange city, it’s key to make sure that you still have at least a day’s worth of clothes and toiletries on hand. The best way to counter this is by avoiding checking in your baggage. Rather, try to pack lightly enough to just have a carry on. Not only does this save on checking fees, but it also gives you greater ability to delay your arrival and remain worry free about the state of your luggage.

Even if you can’t manage this, it’s always a good idea to keep some basics in your carry on. While this is a fairly standard procedure for the initial trip, it often goes unnoticed for the return flight. By adhering to either one of these suggestions, you’ll find yourself with more freedom in terms of travel plan changes.

Another critical key when planning ahead is making sure that everything at your home base will be taken care of in the event of your extended absence. This might mean that your neighbor knows to keep feeding your cat, or that you have a day or so of leeway between arriving home and starting up work again. Make sure that any expenses that may come as part of your bump are included when weighing out the pros and cons of volunteering—remember, you want to benefit in this process!

  1. Book Flights During the Busy Season

Aim to travel during peak travel and vacation times. Not only are flights already in high demands during these times, they are also usually booked by families and groups of friends who don’t want or cannot be separated. Of course, since you’ve planned ahead, you’re willing and able to delay a few hours or a day in your travels! Some peak times that will be bound to be overbooked include the days leading up to the winter holidays, the Fourth of July, and Memorial Day Weekend. Times such as these occur more often than you think and it is highly possible to plan your vacation or trip around them.

Also, it never hurts to let someone know that you are willing to be bumped. In fact having a note from the check-in or gate counter on your file could not only allow you to be chosen, but also speeds up the process for everyone involved—you, the airline, and the other passengers waiting for take-off.

  1. Know what You are Entitled to

Knowing what airlines are legally (and ethically) owed to you is the highlight of making a profit via overbooking. Make sure to have some sort of debit or credit card on hand in order to allow the compensation to be quickly transferred to you. This also helps you to avoid being given a waiver for a flight rather than monetary payment. Often times, these travel waivers must be used by a certain time, in a one-time purchase. Unless this is what you’re really after, ask for the cash instead.

Part of getting paid is knowing the maximum requirements of what an airline is required to pay for bumping. Make sure to check out these requirements and make note of differences between countries and states when applicable.

At the end of the day, it never hurts to politely ask for a few freebies, such as seat upgrades or vouchers for food and drink within the airport—the worst thing that can happen is you’re told no.

  1. Have a Back-Up Plan

As always, Noble Transportation is available to assist you with your last minute travel needs. Transportation to and from the airport should be the last thing on your mind when traveling, and we’re here for the unexpected—or expected!

Orlando Travel Tips: A Big Summer for Disney

Pandora from Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy Will Make It A Big Summer for Disney

It’s surOrlando limoe to be a sizzling summer for Disney Theme Parks in Orlando. While it seems like the themed amusement park gets more popular every year, with the addition of two new, large scale attractions, you can bet the visitors and locals will be clamoring to get in the Magic Kingdom.

The James Cameron mega-hit Avatar centered around a world called Pandora, and now you can visit 12 acres of that world, themed by the folks at Disney World. While you can certainly understand the fan factor for those who loved the film, even if you’ve never seen Avatar or didn’t care for the movie, the world of Pandora is sure to be a completely different experience for everyone involved. The creative directors are billing Pandora as a completely individualized experience.

Pandora features two separate rides, plus dining and retail for the shoppers of the bunch. Take your Orlando limo service to the Magic Kingdom to immerse yourself in rainforest world of imagination and spectacular delights. The animals and creates in the forest world morph and change throughout the day, and the creative designers behind Pandora were inspired by trips to Hawaii, Bali, and China. It’s a very real world within the world of Disney, and there’s something for everyone inside.

One of the rides features a river tour, guiding by a singing mystical Na’vi. You will enjoy bioluminescence and a family friendly riverboat ride. The other attraction in the world of Pandora is Avatar Flight Through The Forest, where you’ll ride on the backs of creatures through the beautiful forest land of Pandora. You’ll be a part of a tribal ceremony for a young Na’vi who is coming of age. None of this is part of the plot of the movie Avatar, so don’t fret if you haven’t seen or didn’t care for the movie. This immersive experience is sure to be magical for everyone in your family.

Additionally, the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is a roller coaster style ride, but it’s also its own completely immersive experience. The ride itself is in the same space that previously was home to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – so you know this ride will be full of similar thrills and chills. Interestingly, the plot of the ride has several different endings, so you can ride several times and experience different types of adventure.

Whether you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom and staying on the property, or if you’re staying elsewhere in Florida, an Orlando limo or car service should have everything you need to get you where you need to go, stress free. Save your energy for the thrilling rides, and call or contact Noble Transportation through our online contact form. We make it easy to experience the magic of Disney and other parts of Orlando, and we’re waiting to hear from you! All initial consultations are free. Call us today!

Orlando’s Business Travel Ranking

orlando limoWith Disney, Universal Studios, and so many other attractions, Orlando is known for its family-friendly fun. But it’s also a great destination for business travelers. With a plethora of amenities, a highly connected airport, and the best Orlando limo service around, this city is perfect for your next conference, meeting, or partner retreat. There’s beautiful views and fantastic golfing, and the city’s hotels are home to many world class spas. If your company is fitness focused, there are lots of outdoor and active team building exercises you can do in and around town. Orlando is perfect for business travelers!

In fact, Orlando was ranked #9 for the best city for business travelers in On Call International’s Business Travel Productivity Report. This report ranks the 20 largest American markets and cities based on their business travel efficiency. Tampa was just ahead of Orlando, coming in at #8. It’s important to note that their methodology included on-time flights, availability of transportation and lodging, and gridlock traffic. And, what’s more, Orlando came in first place in the category of affordable hotel prices. For 4G LTE cell phone coverage, the city ranked #7. Orlando was #15 for on-time flights, which, if you consider the number of flights that come and go from the bustling airport per day, that’s a fairly respectable ranking.

Orlando is great for business travelers, because it has dining, nightlife, and lots of local culture. You can have an entire business trip without once mentioning The Magic Kingdom. There are outdoor adventures like ziplining, and you can even take an ecosafari! Mostly, business travelers prefer golf and spa services, as well as dining and bars. Orlando has the best of Florida in these categories. Weather is usually favorable, and there’s plethora of options near the Orlando Convention Center.

The Convention Center is a huge attraction for conference attendees, and there are many affordable and amenity filled hotels within walking or a short driving distance. Some of the largest companies have their annual meetings in Orlando, as well as industry events, like trade shows and continuing education conferences. In short, there will never be a shortage of professional activities in the city of Disney! Bio-tech business travelers are a special subset of the Orlando business crowd, as the city has a burgeoning industry and exceptional opportunities for learning, investing, and professional development.

If you’re coming to Orlando for a business trip, conference, or family vacation – or, as is common in Florida, both – be sure you’ve got the right transportation booked for your time in the city. Noble Transportation is the best Orlando limo service and car service, and is extraordinarily easy to book. Call us today, or contact us online any time, and we will be happy to schedule a consultation to find what works for you. We’re reliable, dependable, and a great addition to your business travel plans. See you in Orlando!

Best Cruise Ships for Kids

If you’re ready to take your family out on the open water, a cruise can be one of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to spend some time away from land. There are many different kinds of cruises – some for singles, some for seniors, and some for other interest groups. But the best cruises we’ve found are those that are geared toward family.

Kids and families love cruises for many reasons. Kids can’t get too lost on a cruise ship, and there’s often scheduled activities, vibrant play areas, and epic options for food and entertainment. Comedians, musicals, and Disney characters are often on board to keep families happy and busy while they’re sailing the calm seas.

Cruise ships are also known to be great deals for the price. Typically all inclusive, you can purchase packages for the whole family, or buy a basic set of rooms and upgrade accordingly for activities. We’ve found the best cruise lines for kids, and your whole family will love these lines. Read More

Wearable Technology and Travel

Apple watches. FitBits. You’ve seen wearable technology, and many early adopters have really taken to these and other devices. Although there are many apps that are geared for travelers with wearable tech, they have been slow to explode on the technology scene.

For example, Carnival Corporation, who owns and operates its own cruise line, premiered its own wearable called Ocean Medallion. This is a piece of technology that cruise patrons can wear on their person to increase their connectivity, pay for items in shops, and generally have an enhanced guest experience onboard. Read More