orlando limoWith Disney, Universal Studios, and so many other attractions, Orlando is known for its family-friendly fun. But it’s also a great destination for business travelers. With a plethora of amenities, a highly connected airport, and the best Orlando limo service around, this city is perfect for your next conference, meeting, or partner retreat. There’s beautiful views and fantastic golfing, and the city’s hotels are home to many world class spas. If your company is fitness focused, there are lots of outdoor and active team building exercises you can do in and around town. Orlando is perfect for business travelers!

In fact, Orlando was ranked #9 for the best city for business travelers in On Call International’s Business Travel Productivity Report. This report ranks the 20 largest American markets and cities based on their business travel efficiency. Tampa was just ahead of Orlando, coming in at #8. It’s important to note that their methodology included on-time flights, availability of transportation and lodging, and gridlock traffic. And, what’s more, Orlando came in first place in the category of affordable hotel prices. For 4G LTE cell phone coverage, the city ranked #7. Orlando was #15 for on-time flights, which, if you consider the number of flights that come and go from the bustling airport per day, that’s a fairly respectable ranking.

Orlando is great for business travelers, because it has dining, nightlife, and lots of local culture. You can have an entire business trip without once mentioning The Magic Kingdom. There are outdoor adventures like ziplining, and you can even take an ecosafari! Mostly, business travelers prefer golf and spa services, as well as dining and bars. Orlando has the best of Florida in these categories. Weather is usually favorable, and there’s plethora of options near the Orlando Convention Center.

The Convention Center is a huge attraction for conference attendees, and there are many affordable and amenity filled hotels within walking or a short driving distance. Some of the largest companies have their annual meetings in Orlando, as well as industry events, like trade shows and continuing education conferences. In short, there will never be a shortage of professional activities in the city of Disney! Bio-tech business travelers are a special subset of the Orlando business crowd, as the city has a burgeoning industry and exceptional opportunities for learning, investing, and professional development.

If you’re coming to Orlando for a business trip, conference, or family vacation – or, as is common in Florida, both – be sure you’ve got the right transportation booked for your time in the city. Noble Transportation is the best Orlando limo service and car service, and is extraordinarily easy to book. Call us today, or contact us online any time, and we will be happy to schedule a consultation to find what works for you. We’re reliable, dependable, and a great addition to your business travel plans. See you in Orlando!