Apple watches. FitBits. You’ve seen wearable technology, and many early adopters have really taken to these and other devices. Although there are many apps that are geared for travelers with wearable tech, they have been slow to explode on the technology scene.

For example, Carnival Corporation, who owns and operates its own cruise line, premiered its own wearable called Ocean Medallion. This is a piece of technology that cruise patrons can wear on their person to increase their connectivity, pay for items in shops, and generally have an enhanced guest experience onboard.

Devices like these are increasing in popularity, albeit slowly. It’s not likely that the travel industry will be the one most responsible for the proliferation of wearable tech, but there have been some shining success stories. The most notable, ahead of the game device in wearable tech is the MagicBand, found at Disney World in Orlando. The MagicBand is fashionable, wearable, and acts as the facilitator to a guest’s entire Disney experience.

Tens of millions of MagicBands have been handed out to the park’s patrons. This has unwittingly made Disney World the fourth-largest distributor of wearable technology. The MagicBand has the signature mouse ears on it, and is about the size of a FitBit. At Disney World, you use your MagicBand for everything – scanning in to rides, hotels, and other park experiences.

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Other wearable technology isn’t branded to your travel experience, but can still enhance it. The fanciest version of the FitBit we’ve seen in our Orlando limo service patrons is the WiseWear – a chic bracelet that monitors activity and biometrics. Other wearable tech that enhances your travel can come in the form of internally heated coats, integrated headphones, and patches you can wear to track your exposure to UV rays.

Soon enough, we’ll see wireless hotspots coupled with clothing, or purses, or other everyday devices. And that will be a wearable technology game changer for the avid traveler, especially those that are constantly working and connecting on the go!

Wearable technology can enhance our communication, and can be a great form of notification for customers, app users, and travelers. Costs are expected to fall as wearable tech becomes more normalized. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

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